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Favorite Uber Vehicle.

Discussion in 'Other' started by BillyMack, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. BillyMack

    BillyMack New Member

    Green Valley AZ.
    Hi Ya Guys.


    I'm looking to start driving with Uber, at the moment, I can only drive for UberEats because I have a Dodge Ram, Yes I know it's overkill for delivering Food, but at the moment it works.

    I'm looking to get a nice SUV so I can get as much going in all the different directions as I can.

    What would be the best SUV for the Money???
    Good on Gas.
    Multi Passenger.
    Ease of passenger loading and unloading.
    Not to big, but not small.

    Thanks for any input on this matter.


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