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Have questions about Uber fares and pricing? Ask here!

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Yuppy, Dec 16, 2016.


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  1. Yuppy

    Yuppy New Member

    I know there are a few uber fare estimate tools online for this.

    But people still often have trouble understanding how Uber pricing works or getting a fare estimate for their Uber rides.

    So, I thought, I would create a thread for this - post your questions about Uber ride prices here.
  2. Maka G

    Maka G New Member

    United States
    Hi I'm a fellow uber rider I been using the uber since June 2016 to get home from work. Every other day the price gets lowered or higher and I don't appreciate that because shouldn't it be the same price every day ? Instead of going up from 1 to 2 dollars. Please help me understand why this is because I am not happy and I'm sure I am not the only one.
  3. Gabisile

    Gabisile New Member

    I would like a clear estimate of the Uber service from Zondi 2, Soweto to Johannesurg zoo plz.

    Thank u
  4. Yuppy

    Yuppy New Member

    Hello there,
    Uber fare rates may vary due to weather and traffic conditions as well as availability of drivers (surge pricing). This is why the current fare estimates can be different from those in 15 min.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Yuppy

    Yuppy New Member

    Hi there,

    As of now your fare choices would be as follows:
    • uberX: R233-309 (~8 min away)
    • UberBLACK: R410-542 (~15 min away)
    • uberVAN: R508-670 (~24 min away)
    • UberVan+CarSeat: R508-670 (~24 min away)
    Here is a full info for your route: http://www.uber-fare-estimator.com/route/kb5n
    Please make sure to hit "update estimate" to see the real-time pricing.

  6. Elna

    Elna New Member

    Can you give me an estimate from The Ridge in Witbank Mpumalanga to the Magistrate Court in Witbank
  7. Yuppy

    Yuppy New Member

    This seems like there are no Uber cars available for this location. Please, check here http://www.uber-fare-estimator.com/route/rkq3
  8. Bawa

    Bawa New Member

    San Jose, Ca
    I have been using Uber (Uber X) for about a week and travel to and from the same place on the same route 2x a day(1.4 miles each way). However, everyone of my fares has been different. It's gone from $6.99 up to $8.38. Traffic is pretty much non existent and I travel at the same time every day. There are always drivers in my area and the wait is usually between 4-9 mins and it's always a different driver and car. Why such a big fluctuation in the rate?

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