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How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by George, May 14, 2017.

  1. George

    George New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I am writing a white paper about Uber drivers' expected (marketed by Uber) income vs. real income. And I am trying to gather information with real numbers (hourly, weekly etc) for Uber drivers earnings in different cities.

    I found official pay estimates from Uber here:

    There you can find that:
    • Drivers in San Francisco are making $732/week in net earnings*
    • Drivers in Los Angeles are making $616/week in net earnings*
    • Drivers in Chicago are making $648/week in net earnings*
    • Drivers in Boston are making $732/week in net earnings*
    According to a national study, drivers on the Uber platform averaged more than $19 an hour in earnings across our top 20 markets. In New York City, that average is over $30 an hour in earnings. "

    And that is being "80% of our partners drive fewer than 35 hours a week across 20 of our largest markets, and more than half only drive between one and 15 hours each week. "

    I am trying to find if those are realistic and down-to-earth numbers or are only one of those marketing tricks by Uber?

    Any experience and feedback from Uber new and seasoned drivers would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Fubered

    Fubered New Member

    sw fl
    First of all that is a lie. They are quoting revenue and I find $30 an hour in revenue hard to believe with what Uber pays. Drivers do not earn $30 an hour.

    Everywhere you are Uber is a payday loan scam where you use your own gas and vehicle depreciation to make money. In some places drivers do not earn a penny in income after deductions, they earn revenue that goes to gas and future car expenses. If you are even making $30 an hour in your car city driving means you will put on about 100K miles and ruin your car in a year.
  3. don john

    don john New Member

    New Windor, NY
    It really depends on the hour of the day and location. But I would say uberX drivers make in average $13~$16 per hour. Not great considering you are bringing your own equipment(the car, gas, etc). That's why uber is constantly looking for new drivers because very few people drive for more than 1 year. They will all realize after car depreciation(consider how many miles you put in your car after one year), and car repair/maintenance, you are actually making less than the walmart people who just stand there and scan barcodes.
  4. Jimmie B

    Jimmie B New Member

    Placerville, CA
  5. Jimmie B

    Jimmie B New Member

    Placerville, CA
    I agree totally with George about the misleading payouts for the Uber drivers. In my case it's much worse because I live in the country
    and have to travel so many miles to get a ride, then it might be a very short ride. Maybe hours go by before I get a ride, but once I'm
    on the road in the bigger areas then it's not too bad. With gas prices going up, I don't want to move around too much. Insurance, tires and general maintenance eat up all the good profits. Tips are few even though I am one of the top drivers.
  6. Alan Hassan

    Alan Hassan New Member

    Hi is there anyone can help me how do I join uber I would like to be a taxi driver? Thanks

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