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How to contact Uber support?

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Jamie Morgan, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Jamie Morgan

    Jamie Morgan New Member

    Source: https://www.ridesharingdriver.com/reliable-contact-uber-customer-support/

    When it comes to getting a ride and paying for it, the Uber app typically works really well. But if you ever have a problem that requires help from Uber customer service, you may find that Uber has put up big walls between you and customer service that make it seem nearly impossible to get real help.

    Uber does not provide customer service over the phone, and you can’t directly email any publicly available email customer service address. Instead, you have to visit help.uber.com or use the Help section of the Uber app to navigate a maze of customer service articles.

    So what’s the easiest, most reliable way to contact Uber customer service when you need help? The best way to get in touch with Uber is to find a help article at help.uber.com that relates to your issue and contains a form to contact Uber via email. If you have an issue with a specific trip, find the trip receipt inside the app and look for help articles that address your issue. Read on for more detail and best practices.

    There is no uber customer service phone number! You can’t call Uber

    It’s a frustrating fact, but Uber does not provide any customer service over the phone. You can’t call Uber! There is no Uber phone number. You have to handle the support issues you have at help.uber.com or through the app.

    Once your ride is over, your driver can’t really help you with any issues other than to coordinate with you to retrieve a lost item. Contacting your Uber driver is not a good idea after your ride is over. They have no control over the price you paid, the fees you were charged, or issues you have with your account.

    There is a ‘critical safety response line’ phone number buried inside the Uber app, but it is for emergencies only. You won’t get any customer service for ordinary issues if you call that line. You should only use the critical safety response phone number if you need safety-related assistance.

    The fastest ways to get customer service from Uber
    1. If you have an issue with a trip, visit help.uber.com, click “Trip issues and refunds,” and select the trip. From there help articles will contain contact forms
    2. If you have a general issue, start at help.uber.com and use the search feature to find a help article that matches your issue. Typically you’ll find a contact form inside a help article
    3. Once you initiate contact with Uber, they will email you a response to your issue. From then on, you can reply via email
    What NOT to do to get service from Uber
    • Don’t call the critical safety response line. It’s for emergencies only. You won’t get any customer service from this number.
    • Don’t call your driver unless it’s about a lost item.
    • Don’t reply to your email ride receipt. Your email will bounce back and you’ll get a message to visit help.uber.com.
    • Don’t try to contact Uber through an email address you found in a ride receipt or another support thread. They all bounce back.
    As frustrating as it may seem, the only way to successfully get customer service from Uber is to use help.uber.com or the app. Trying to brute force your way into customer support through your driver or the critical safety response line won’t work.

    Get customer service through help.uber.com
    Instead of providing phone service, Uber has set off on an ambitious mission to create a help article for every issue imaginable. Help.uber.com contains a massive number of help articles that cover just about every issue you can think of. Over the years it’s become an impressive resource, but due to the large number of articles and the arbitrary way it’s organized, it’s not always easy to find the article you need.

    There is a search feature that you can use to find an article without hunting through menus. The best way to search for a help article is to use as few keywords as possible. For example, let’s say you lost an item. Input “lost,” see what comes up, and select the best match. Don’t input complicated like “I lost something in the Uber how do I pick it up” because that will generate no search results. It’s not Google, so the search bar is not very good at guessing what you want.

    Once you find the article that addresses your issue, look for a contact form near the bottom. That’s where you’ll be able to directly contact customer support. If that article doesn’t have one, try to find an article on a similar topic that does.

    Steps to get Uber customer service
    1. Initiate contact with Uber through contact forms found in articles at help.uber.com
    2. Wait for a response. Expect to wait 24 hours
    3. Once Uber responds, you can reply via email or through the “Support messages” feature in the Help section of the Uber app
    How to get real answers from Uber customer service reps
    Make your messages to customer service as brief as possible. Only include the absolutely essential information. Refer to specific dates, times, amounts, ride numbers, and any other hard data that will help Uber understand your point. Uber service reps don’t have a lot of time to understand your situation, so only tell them exactly what they need to know to make a decision. If your message to Uber is more than a few sentences, it’s probably too long.

    Once you do get a reply, you might find that the response you get from Uber customer service is copied and pasted from a help article without addressing your specific situation. If that happens, don’t give up and don’t send an angry response. Instead, reply to the message and politely state that you’re still looking for an answer to your question. Then restate your question. Usually the second or third response from Uber will address your issue. If it doesn’t, keep trying. Don’t give in to frustration. You’re a lot less likely to get help if you start sending angry messages or adding additional detail that will only overwhelm the customer service rep.

    The best way to get refunds, fare adjustments, or to inquire about fees and tolls
    Go to help.uber.com. Under “Trip issues and refunds,” you’ll see a map and a dropdown list. Click the dropdown and find the ride in question. Support topics will appear below the fare receipt. You should be able to find a support article that addresses your issue and contains a contact form that allows you to send a message to Uber. If you don’t, find the closest related help article with a contact form and use it to send a message.

    In the Uber app, tap the menu icon in the upper left, then tap “Your Trips.” Scroll to select your trip. From there, you’ll find links to support articles that contain forms that will let you send a message to Uber.

    The Uber app has similar service features as help.uber.com, but it’s not as easy to use
    The Help section inside the Uber app contains many of the same articles and support forms as help.uber.com, but the app doesn’t have a search feature. Without a search feature, you end up having to tap through level after level of menus only to hope that you reach the right help article. Hunting through the app isn’t the best way to get support unless you have a very standard question about one of your past rides. You’ll find what you need a lost faster at help.uber.com.

    The rides are on demand, but the customer service isn’t
    Overall, the Uber customer service experience leaves a lot to be desired. It’s hard to contact Uber to begin with, and once you do it can take awhile to hear back. Help.uber.com is getting better and better as time goes by, so when you need to contact Uber always start there first. Until Uber launches a live chat or phone service, you’ll have to work your way through never ending help articles and contact forms. Good luck.

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