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How to get 5 stars, avoid 1 stars for an Uber driver

Discussion in 'Advice' started by lilcindy, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. lilcindy

    lilcindy New Member

    Minneapolis, MN
    For starters, don't expect every rating to make sense or to be fair. When I was in college, my friends and I played a game where we would rate drivers based solely on their attractiveness. When we saw their profile pictures, we were already predicting what the rating was going to be. Nobody over 30 would ever get a 5 star. If somebody was bald or fat, they were out of luck. I am not boasting of this. This is something I did when I was immature, and I regret it now. And now my ratings are based solely on performance.

    Here are some things that can help you get more stars and how to avoid the star deductions:
    1. Offer your rider bottled water. Water is not an entitlement, but it is something we often enjoy. Just make sure it's not warm from sitting in sun.
    2. Be sure to greet your rider when the enter and bid them farewell when they leave.
    3. Be sure to ask your rider how they'd like the heat setting. You don't know if they have been dancing all night in a club, or have been standing at a cold corner for ten minutes.
    4. I do not expect anyone over 40 to have an Aux cord. I they do, they'll get greater rating. I DO expect everyone under 30 to have one though. They are considered standard equipment these days.
    5. Do make sure your car is washed on the outside and is vacuumed on the inside.
    6. If there are more than one passenger in the car. Be sure to engage them all equally in conversation.
    7. If you see a passenger carrying a heavy bag from the airport, helping load it into the trunk can certainly help with added stars. Just popping the trunk can help lose them. Remember, this can help ensure they don't damage your trunk also.
    8. Be sure your driver's seat is not pushed to far back. Especially if you have more than one rider.
    9. There is a fine line between being friendly and flirting. Be careful not to cross that line. Especially if you are old enough to be my dad.
    10. Be sure to dress clean and for god's sake, shower and wear deodorant!
    11. If you had another rider that smelled bad before me, please be sure to open your windows and air out your car thoroughly before you pick me up.
    12. If the Uber app says you are 5 minutes away, I do not think it is unreasonable to expect to be picked up within 10 minutes. Anything over 5 minutes late at pick up spot is unacceptable.
    13. Do not keep looking in the rearview window at me.
    14. Opening doors for me are not required, but they can certainly contribute towards 5 stars.
    15. 5 for 5. Riders like me wait to see how our rating is effected after we are dropped off. If we see our ratings go down, we will certainly rate low in response. If we see our ratings go up, we most certainly will be apt to rate higher in response also.
    16. Do not be creepy! This is something hard to put in words by what I mean by this, but every woman out there will no exactly what I mean by this. So please do not do weird things about like talk to yourself, or have other weird quirks.
    17. Asking me if I'd like to charge my phone can certainly help contribute to higher ratings.
    18. Yes, I know it is your car, but it is my ears, and I'm paying for the trip. Please keep your music down or ask me what I'd like to listen to.
    19. You don't want your riders to eat or drink if front of you. Please don't sip your cup of coffee in front of my likewise.
    20. Know the city and use common sense. If your GPS wants you to make a 2 mile loop to turn around, use your own brain and just do a U turn on that street.
    21. Don't text me or call me the moment you arrive at a location. I've already been notified by Uber.
    22. Please pick me up at the spot that I specify. Don't make me walk a block to get to you.
    23. Handing out anything other than cold bottled water looks pathetic. I'm not impressed by your breath mints.
    24. Don't talk about other passengers negatively to me. It makes me wonder if you are going to talk about me next.
    25. Don't make phone calls to your next rider or to friends. It is unprofessional.
    26. I want to think of you as my professional driver. Please keep your boundaries professional.
    27. Every passenger is unique. If one this is ok, for one rider, it may not be for the next. Be sure to find out.
    28. When you arrive to a ping location. Take the time to find your rider. Don't just sit there and cancel after 3 minutes. It could be your system took you to the wrong location.
    29. If your customer still has not come out within minutes. Please call before leaving. There may be a very good reason why they have not arrived yet.
    30. Remember, your clients are real people with real lives also. Please don't look at them just as cargo you are shipping or tipping machines.
    31. Please do not mention how much tips you got from the last person. It is usually considered poor manners to discuss money and income with strangers. Especially someone you just hired
    32. You should learn to read body language. You could know what your rider needs, just by paying attention to this.
    33. Get a phone stand and keep both of your hands on the wheel!

    Yes, this is a long list, but every single one of these suggestions are very simple to do. If you follow my advice, I guarantee you five star ratings from every rider.

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