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It Is Possible That Uber is Running Out Of Money?

Discussion in 'Other' started by ZenMaster, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. ZenMaster

    ZenMaster New Member

    Is it possible that Uber is running out of money? I know valuation figures of 60 billion have been thrown around and that sounds like they are really rolling in the dough.

    Because Uber is a private company, no one has access to their actual accounting figures, financial statements and bank account balances.

    It is possible that the reason Uber dropped the rates is because they need to generate a lot of cash quickly?

    Remember the more rides that Uber gets--the more money that Uber makes. They make the SRF on every fare no matter how little the fare is.

    I can't think of another reason Uber would make such a bone headed move and drop fares below the cost to provide the service.

    Do you think Uber is low on money?

    Uber raised investment money in August 2015 and again in October 2o15. The last investment money came from Microsoft.

    Uber seems to be running out of institutional investors. Now Uber is targeting high net worth individuals though Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch at $250,000 minimum investment per person. However they aren't releasing any financial statements. It's just a bunch of fluff.

    Why would they go to individuals at $250,000 each when they have been getting a billion dollars from institutional investors in the past?

    The only answer could be that the institutional investors have wised up to what is really going on here.

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