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My car keeps freezing in place on the app, Help!

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Lauren2E, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Lauren2E

    Lauren2E New Member

    New Jersey
    I don't know where to turn. My Uber app keeps periodically freezing my car in place on the map. As a result I lost an entire Saturday night two weeks ago and spent two and a half hours trouble shooting with Uber help (from around 11:30pm until about 2am.) This seemed to have started when my iPhone 6s+ updated to IOS 10.2.1 update. While I'm not 100% sure the issue is related that was the only thing on my phone that changed right before this issue started to occur. It's my understanding that apple will not allow its users to reverse updates. I tried every trouble shooting idea I could find:
    Turning off wifi and Bluetooth
    Every combination of restarting the app, hard closing it out, signing in and out, deleting the app and reinstalling, and restarting/shutting off my phone
    Resetting my network settings
    Making sure data was and gps or location services were turned on for my phone as well as the app itself
    (If one more person from Uber asks me to make sure my phone is not on airplane mode while I am in the middle of emailing them back and forth I'm going to possibly rip my hair out.)
    It froze one or two more times since then when I was not working but just checking if the app was working. But also since then I have worked several nights without running across this problem. Then, both last night and the night before my app froze some time before I got my last ride request of the night (both times around 3am.) I was still able to pick the riders up and their requested destination transferred over to google maps, but both times the ride calculated using the correct amount of minutes, but as if I had I traveled zero miles. Friday night I contacted Uber through the app with the correct pick up and drop off locations as well as the time the trip started and ended. They then informed me that they correctly charged the rider around $85 for an 11 mile 29 minute trip. I argued this was wildly incorrect and they disagreed. I then spelled out the math using the waybill explaining to them that the ride should have been around $25 (there was no surge at this time.) They eventually recalculated the fare to a number much closer to that amount. When the same thing happened again last night I included the very detailed explanation of the addresses as well as spelling out the math very clearly that would be involved using the waybill and the mileage and amount of time I was driving. I explained to them the fare should be right around $50 (again, there was no surge at this time.) They then informed me that they adjusted the fare to $95. When I asked them to explain to me how they came to this conclusion they reiterated that the fare had been adjusted to $95. I copy and pasted the very detailed explanation I originally gave on how this math problem should have in fact been done and I asked for an explanation as to why this rider was being charged an additional $45. Still waiting on that response. I cannot trust Uber to fix these fares and I don't know what to do about the issue I am having with the app randomly freezing my car in place. It seems after the app freezes my position I am still able to get ride requests, but they are going to be in the vicinity of where my car is frozen and not where my car actually is. I am not seeing anyone posting with the same issue, I'm at a loss for what to do. If this continues I'm going to end up with a multitude of bad ratings from users Uber is grossly over charging. When I asked that they remove any bad ratings related to this incident they copied and pasted the FAQ on how ratings are calculated (not exactly shocking at this point.) When I pointed out that as of the end of March my ratings were going to be calculated using my last 100 rides instead of my last 500 and that a bad rating would have a more significant effect and this is clearly not my fault I got another email with the exact same FAQ copied and pasted explained how ratings are determined based on your last 500 rides. I'm at a loss, at this rate Uber is going to kill my rating and get me suspended. I have no idea what to do. I am posting this question to as many sites and forums I can find looking for anyone who may have experienced a similar issue or who may have any knowledge of what's going on with the app or any advice on what I could try to do that I have not tried yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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