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My New Policy - Do NOT Get Out of Car for ANY Reason

Discussion in 'Advice' started by Jamie Morgan, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. Jamie Morgan

    Jamie Morgan New Member

    Ok, well, maybe if my car catches fire or something I'll get out. But I'm NOT getting out to help a pax!

    I'm coming up on 1,000 trips with Uber, and just passed 100 trips with Lyft. When I first got started, I was a really nice guy. I was raised in the South and taught to be a gentleman. It was natural for me to help people load / unload their groceries, put old people's walkers into my trunk, and load / unload people's luggage.


    First, it simply doesn't pay to go "above and beyond" for pax. They've been taught to NOT tip drivers...so they expect me to do this extra work for nothing (even before the trip has started...when I'm literally not making a dime). Interestingly, I've been following my new policy for the past 5 or 6 weeks, and my ratings haven't been effected one bit (still 4.9).

    Second, it exposes me to liability. A while back, I helped a woman load / unload her groceries. Ten minutes later, I get a call from her explaining that she was missing a bottle of wine that should have been in her grocery bags. I pulled over, checked the trunk of the car, and there was no bottle. She then said, "Well, enjoy my bottle of wine, a**hole!" She accused me of stealing her bottle of wine!!! And, it was a bottle of Merlot. I HATE Merlot, and would never stoop so low as to steal a bottle of it.

    OK, kidding about not liking Merlot. I have no idea what type of wine it was. But I do know that I was accused of stealing it. So, now...I don't touch pax's belongings.

    Today, I accepted a request from a Lyft pax. Almost immediately, I got a call from the passenger. She explained that I was to pick up her 8 year-old daughter from school. She told me that I'd have to find a place to park (at the end of the school day at an elementary school? Find a place to park?!?!!? Ha!), go to the office, show them my ID, and escort her snowflake back to my car to drive her home. I AM NOT A NANNY. Not only would this violate Lyft policy (driving an unaccompanied child), but I'd be exposed to a LOT more liability than for stealing a bottle of wine. What happens if I get rear-ended by another driver? What if the child has a medical seizure? No, thanks! Plus, would this pax pay me for the 20+ minutes it would take to find a parking spot, go to the office, find the person who'd been told a Lyft driver was coming, show my ID, and escort the snowflake back to my car? NO! She wouldn't have paid! I was SHOCKED when she told me that plenty of other Lyft drivers have been doing this for the past couple of months!!!

    So how serious am I about my new policy? Well, yesterday my policy was put to the test. I picked up a blind pax at a grocery store. He was wearing dark glasses and had a folding red/white cane. I pulled up right in front of him, rolled down the window, and asked if he'd requested an Uber ride. When he said he did, I told him that I'd pop the trunk for him (which I did). He folded his cane and put it in the front seat. He then pushed the shopping cart around to the back of my car, lifted the trunk, and put his groceries inside. He then pushed the cart to a location near the grocery store's door, and got into the car. We had a great conversation on the way to his house. I told him about the wine incident, and he explained to me that he didn't blame me one bit for not touching pax's belongings.

    So, that's my new policy. I do EXACTLY what I'm paid to do. Drive from point A to point B. And driving does NOT require me to get out of my car...
  2. JustCurious

    JustCurious New Member

    Portland Maine
    I don't pickup grocery store pax. Not worth the hassle unless they have just a few groceries they can put at the base of their feet.

    Luggage I help with not to be a good guy but to protect my bumper. Pax don't give a crap about your car, nor your bumper. I'd rather they not bang it up with their 70lb suit case. I'll load and unload luggage, but outside of that, pax have no reason to go into my trunk. Plus sometimes I keep a cooler back there and I don't want anyone taking off with it.
  3. don john

    don john New Member

    New Windor, NY
    I'm considering driving uber but has not started. Need more advice before diving in. Could you please tell me on average how much money you are making per hour(after uber's cut)? I hear it's around $13~16 per hour for most uber drivers(except those folks in NYC who makes a bit more). If it's just that much I'll consider doing something else. Thanks.
  4. Joanne

    Joanne New Member

    As a passenger, I expect the door to be opened when I get in and to be helped with groceries, If you want a tip

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