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Samsung Vs iPhone... which would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by RightTurnClyde, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. RightTurnClyde

    RightTurnClyde New Member

    Los Angeles
    Hi All.

    I have a question regarding which phone/OS works the best with Uber and Lyft.

    Currently, I'm on an old Samsung Galaxy S4 which likes to overheat and is known to be slowwwww. Other than those 2 things, I haven't had many problems. I want to upgrade, but am unsure which route to go.

    Which do you recommend? Sticking with Samsung and moving up to 6/7? Or dumping it to go with an iPhone...probably a 6/7 as well. I'm looking for what you think and any problems you've had using the apps if you use that phone to operate them.

  2. louis vitale

    louis vitale New Member

    I got a samsung galaxy drand prime and have no issues, yes an older phone but I don't go in for the newest and best. I clip it to my a/c vent so it doesn't overheat. I live in Florida so a/c is about all year long...lol..And I use google maps.
  3. EPDelta

    EPDelta New Member

    Nashville, TN
    I tend to think that an Android phone would be better, since the Uber Driver site has links for iOS phone issues and not Android. This leads me to believe that the Uber app on Android is more stable.

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