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Sense of Entitlement and Tipping

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by ZenMaster, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. ZenMaster

    ZenMaster New Member

    How is it that some drivers have this sense of power or entitlement? They act like we are doing the Riders this huge favor by blessing them with our presence. That they should bow down to us. This is a concept I don’t understand.

    I hate to break it to everyone we are in the service industry, whether you like it or not we are here to provide a service. Regardless if we disagree with the rates, regardless if the company allows tipping or not, it is not the Riders fault Uber is a very inexpensive service. Don’t we all take advantage of anything that has low prices??

    I get tips frequently; on average over my Friday and Saturday night shifts I get about $2 a trip. Do I hate that there is not an option on the App? Yes I am but instead of complaining about it I do something. I have read hundreds of posts and do you know who complains the most about the lack of tipping option on the App? The same damn drivers that make fun of others for opening doors, providing water, chargers, mints and gum. They damn Partners like me for offering amenities. Do you think by simply offering a tip option on an App that the riders are just going to miraculously just start tipping drivers for the hell of it? You get out what you put in; you can argument against that all you want.

  2. Yuppy

    Yuppy New Member

    Uber lies to and abuses it's drivers. If you give great service despite this treatment you are telling them its OK to behave this way. If you live in a market where you can make enough to provide gum and water good for you. I hope your own satisfaction justifies that because uber sure doesn't care. Most of our rates have been dropped off a cliff to the point where we dont even make minimum wage. So yes you train the riders to expect excellent service for half what a taxi costs. You can't understand why that bothers people?
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  3. Fubered

    Fubered New Member

    sw fl
    Drivers and Uber coddle the pax so they can use the ratings as a weapon against you. No I won't do a round trip drug run, no I won't go thru a drive thru, no I won't stop at the liquor store or convenience store.. Uber is to drop you from point A to point B, you did not rent a limo for the day. I don't care if other drivers let you drink beer in the car or went into a school and showed ID to pick up your 8 year old child. I'm not stupid. Uber for drivers is a scam. I am at home get one ping the whole morning and to out and do a $3 or less ride with no tip and come back home. Why should I be happy about Uber?

    Uber says that drivers are allowed to ask for tips at their discretion (for special favors like stops) , but that if they do they may get low ratings and be fired.

    The problem is that too many drivers will waste 10 minutes of more by waiting hand and foot on a customer just because of the thread of a 1 star rating.

    and do we do the passengers a favor? Yes we do. I've had to drive 5 miles to pick up some jerk who wants a 1 mile ride that I make $2,35 on and Uber makes $4.15 or more. Now I have to dive back home 6 miles so I drove 11 miles for a net loss at 54 cents a mile of minus four dollars. If I asked a neighbor to drop me off 1 mile away I would get them $5.

    So Uber and the customer gets over on you, you waste your time and gas for a charity ride. So yes passenger I did you a huge favor, but you either don't know it or don't care.
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  4. KatSaxon

    KatSaxon New Member

    I always tip the Uber driver 20%, same as I do with taxi drivers. I have never understood why the company pays its drivers so little, and yet it still discourages tipping. I love the convenience of the ride service, but as a customer I feel uncomfortable, because the drivers seem to be working under a built in disadvantage. I hope they can eventually negotiate as a group to secure more favorable terms.
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  5. Fubered

    Fubered New Member

    sw fl
    As long as you tip drivers will love you. Uber is ripping customers off, that's why customers think we are making money. I had to update an address for a lady you did not know how to do it. I saw Uber charged her $22 for the ride and Uber paid me $12.50. Uber kept the booking fee. the 25% plus the difference.

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