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Tipping from Rider's Perspective

Discussion in 'Tips' started by JoshDexter, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. JoshDexter

    JoshDexter New Member

    Ann Arbor, MI

    I am (or was) a frequent Uber user in SF and then in Michigan. I stumbled upon this site and was shocked to see how much Uber drivers seem to hate passengers and feel that any passengers who don't tip are selfish, cheap, and entitled. I thought I'd offer the perspective of a rider.

    I want you to have more money. I think you should be paid more. And I LOVE NOT TIPPING.

    I have emailed Uber asking them to raise rates, because I think it's a better experience for both driver and rider.

    Tipping is a horrible practice from the perspective of a customer. The thing you are buying has an added fee, and the onus is on you to have the proper amount of small bills at any given time. Most of us don't deal in cash very often anymore. Even if a tip was an option in the app, I don't want to do that, because that means I have to think about it and do something extra. The beauty of Uber is how easy and seamless it is for the customer.

    All of my Uber rides lately have sucked. The drivers complain nonstop about pay. Or they act like a tour guide when I just want some silence. I didn't realize until coming here that they are all trying to pump me for tips. That, combined with the vitriol I hear from drivers online and random people tweeting me to start tipping has really degraded the Uber experience and I know I am less likely to use it. So are my friends.

    I don't get why so many of you insist on tips. If you make $20 as a fare, or $15 plus a $5 tip, isn't that the same thing? Shouldn't the focus be on getting Uber to increase rates so you are always guaranteed more money?

    As a person who lives in the US and travels a lot, tips seem constant and nonstop. It's an unpleasant part of life. I support any companies who pay people enough money and have a no tipping policy. I love going to countries that don't have a tipping culture and pay people a decent wage.

    So, I'm not going to tip when I take an Uber. But it's not about the money at all. I was happy to pay the higher fares Uber charged when they started. If the focus here was not on making passengers tip and to punish those who don't, I'd happily join in with you as a rider to lobby Uber to raise fares.

    I hope you will consider pushing this issue to Uber and not to the customers. Thanks for reading.
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