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Why does Uber mislead drivers about insurance?

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by JustCurious, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. JustCurious

    JustCurious New Member

    Portland Maine
    So basically every insurance company I've spoken to tells me the same thing... If driving for Uber/Lyft, or any other transportation network provider, even if you only take 1 passenger per year, you must have a commercial insurance policy. You can argue with them until you are blue in the face, but they will not issue a personal insurance policy if you drive with Uber. In the case of Geico, as soon as I mentioned driving for Uber they told me that they were going to cancel my personal policy unless I sent them a letter of deactivation from Uber proving my partner account was terminated.

    Uber themselves seem to tell you that your personal insurance covers you while not logged in, and their contingent insurance (which meets state minimums) covers you while logged in and not carrying passengers.

    I see a problem with that... if I was to have an accident while logged in, the Uber insurance is liability only... so no comprehensive/collision meaning my vehicle could be a total loss and I would be screwed basically...

    It seems this is not a thing specific to my state of Maine, so why isn't Uber more clear about this... It should be very clearly explained when drivers are signing up..

    "If you become an Uber driver, your insurance company will cancel your personal insurance policy and require you to get a commercial insurance policy, even if you only drive 1 night a year."

    I bought full commercial coverage with Geico.

    Reasons why I think Uber should be honest about the insurance stuff? I'm greedy, I want less other drivers to compete with... meaning more frequent pings for me, more frequent surges, and higher surge rates. Not to mention it would also be the right thing to do.... being honest and all...

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